Caricabatterie B4 Compact 35W 4A Automatic Balance Charger 2~4S Lipoly - TURNIGY


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The Turnigy B4 Compact Balance Charger makes charging of your Lipoly batteries easier than ever before. With no current limits or cell counts to set, you simply connect your battery to the B4 and it starts charging automatically. The charge current is variable, determined by the capacity and charge state of your battery. The max charging current is 4A (up to 35W).

The B4 comes with everything you need including charge lead and alligator clips for connecting to a DC power source.

• Simple to use
• Compact size
• Automatic charging of 2~4S batteries
• Up to 4A (max 35W) charge rates

Operating Voltage: 11~18V DC
Charge Power: 35W max
Charge Current: 4A max; Charging process will monitor battery capacity continually and adjust charge current as necessary. 
Balancing Current: 200mA/cell
Lipoly Cell Count: 2~4 cell (7.4V~14.8V)
Dimensions: 100x63x34mm

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