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Currently exchanging the outer barrel from the proprietary Tokyo Marui GBB to an aftermarket outer barrel (Madbul, PTS Dytac) is not possible. By using our Barrel guide we have made it possible to use aftermarket rails. Now, players can take advantage of Tokyo Marui’s M4 marking to start creating various custom rifles such as the Mark 18 or Marsoc inspired rifles. 
The Tokyo Marui outer barrel ribs are smaller than the aftermarket ones, so installation is not possible as the aftermarket parts will fall out of place. 
The picture shows examples of the barrel nut that comes with the Madbull Daniel Defense Rail. Installing our Barrel guide to the stock Tokyo Marui outer assembly will secure the aftermarket barrel nut in place making installation of the outer barrel possible. 
Our Barrel guide has the same width as the standard outer barrel, depending on the intersection of the barrel nut that comes with the hand guard please make finer adjustments using our shims for commercial outer barrels.
Our Barrel guides are completely different from the standard flat one piece shim. We have designed the shim especially for the Tokyo Marui outer rib design. We specifically addressed the concaves so tilting or off-centering does not occur while tightening. 
Using the Tokyo Marui M4AI as a base adding the Madbull Daniel Defense RIS Ⅱ 12. 5 players can enjoy the Marsoc style custom look.

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