Daniel Defense MK18RIS 9.5" Black - MADBULL


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Designed and manufactured by Daniel Defense after a special request by the United States Special Operations Commands (SOCOM) for a free float system for mounting the M203 Grenade Launcher on the MK18 Carbine, the RIS II achieves all this and more

Madbull with official licensing from Daniel Defense themselves has very faithfully reproduced the RIS II for the world of Airsoft and very aptly named it the SOPMOD II-RIS II. Just like its real steel counterpart the operator can effectively free float an M203 grenade launcher without the need for additional parts, and most importantly does not require special tools to mount the M203 grenade launcher. Just like on the real steel counterpart, this was accomplished by integrating all the parts needed to free float the M203 into the rail itself

  • 6x Mounting Bolts
  • 4x Lower Rail Attachment Screws
  • Upper Rail Assembly
  • Lower Rail Assembly
  • Bolt-Up System Barrel Nut
  • Bolt-Up System Plate
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    Manufacturer MADBULL

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