Gen3 CNC Hopup Completed Inner Barrel System 270mm (10.5" CQBR) - FCC


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€ 139,99
€ 139,99

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FCC Gen3 Completed Inner Barrel CNC Hopup System (270mm/10.5")

Designed for replace / upgrade your own factory inner barrel & Hopup, or you wanna build another upper or rifle must item!

Improved version now comes with FCC 3.0 CNC Hopup housing, Wire Cut Hopup C-ring And Roller Set
  • FCC precision inner barrel equipped
  • FCC Gen3 Advanced Complete CNC Hopup System equipped
  • Fully assembled by FCC team, Ready to Use!!!
  • Compatible with FCC TW, Celcius CTW & Systema PTW system
  • FCC Wire Cut Hopup C-ring and Roller Set
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    Manufacturer FCC

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