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€ 37,99
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Precision CNC machined from aluminum alloy
Nine axial ports
High impact resistant
A distinguish engraved trademark on each licensed Talon with true 1:1 scale in airsoft version
Shim kit included
Black oxidized finish
Dimension: 75mm long / 25mm wide

The latest PTS GoGun® USA Supercomp® Tactical Talon Muzzle Brake is touted to be their best Supercomp® to be ever made to date. Keeping its signature trade dress Talon Tips, the weight is significantly reduced for tactical and competitive applications. The nine axial ports, key features to its unique design, redirects muzzle blast in an extremely effective "Hex Stabilizing Star Pattern (SSP)" resulting in rapid follow-up shots and the rifle sights tracking in clean predictable patterns without disturbing the view of target.

About GoGun® USA
GoGun® USA is an accessory company founded by competition shooters that produces products that maximize rapid accuracy and pointability of weapons to create an extremely competitive advantage in speed shooting whether for competition or tactical purposes.

Remark: These airsoft product is manufactured under authorized GoGun® USA license. GoGun®USA logo and brand names are trademarks of GoGun® USA in the United States and/or other countries.

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