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Hill People Gear's Heavy Recon Kit Bag offers the higher storage capacity of the Original KB, combined with the modular capability of a PALS grid.  When the experts at HPG designed the Heavy Recon KB, they were sensitive to concerns about weight, bulk, and heat.  Manufactured with First Spear's 6/12 fabric, the Heavy Recon KB addresses all those concerns.  The result is a low-profile, high-capacity kit bag ideal for civilians and professionals alike.


  • Made in the USA.
  • 500d construction.
  • 7.5"x11.5"x1.5" - This is .5" thinner than the Original Kit Bag to account for the addition of PALS accessories on the front.
  • Rear of pistol compartment is fully lined with velcro loop if you want to set it up for something other than pistol carriage.
  • Rear of 1" deep main compartment (.5" thinner than original KB main compartment) is fully lined with FS 6/12 fabric with velcro loop facing outwards. You can use either velcro backed or PALS pouches on this face. Great location for heavier items that need to be secured such as magazines.
  • Front of main compartment has dual slot pockets with dummy cord loops.
  • Front of bag has 4 row / 8 channel PALS grid implemented with FS 6/12. It can be used with FS proprietary 6/12 pouches or any PALS accessory.
  • Bottom of bag has 5 row / 1 channel PALS grid. Good location for knife, suppressor, or tourniquet.
  • Pistol compartment and main compartment both have buttonhole style drain holes at bottom.
  • Weight: 1.40 lb
  • Length: 1.50 in
  • Width: 11.50 in
  • Height: 7.50 in
  • Capacity: 195 cu in

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