Jones Airsoft Precision Tensioner for PTS Masada - PTS


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€ 9,99
€ 9,99

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Jones Airsoft Precision Tensioner and it is designed to help owners of the PTS Masada in precision shooting. The new two-contact-points design enhances the grouping and accuracy!
A set of two tensioners are designed to use at different scenarios. The blue color tensioner is for heavy weight BB ; and the red one is for light weight BB. The all-in-one design can effectively increase the stability and durability of tensioner!
Suitable for PTS Masada Series Airsoft Electric Gun AEG Rifle
Blue Tensioner is for Heavier BBs (0.25g-0.43g)
Red Tensioner is for Lighter BBs (0.2g-0.25g)

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Ulteriori informazioni

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