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The Hill People Gear Kit Bag is designed to solve a common problem. How do you discretely and conveniently carry a sidearm and a belted pack at the same time without having your sidearm attached to the pack? At least that's where it started. As it evolved, it became not just that but a way to carry a few trail essentials close at hand as well. Navigation gear, fire starters, fixed blade knife, emergency water bladder -- your Kit in other words. It's gotten to the point that we carry ours whether or not we need to put a pistol in.

The Kit Bag is sized to carry your pistol plus a reasonable amount of kit and no more. The size is deliberately trim and the weight light so as not to interfere with whatever activity you're engaged in. You can see your feet, shoot a bow, wear it over a life vest, and wear it on a motorcycle. With seven pounds of kit, you'll know it's there, but it's not uncomfortable.

It will also dock onto whatever pack you're carrying so the weight is taken off of your shoulders and borne by the pack. This makes it disappear on even beltless packs. This feature isn't necessary, but it's nice.

All kit bags are ambidextrous. Just set the zipper pulls the either side and you are good to go.

  • Made in the USA by First Spear for Hill People Gear
  • 500d cordura
  • 11.5 x 7 x 2"
  • comfortable mesh backed H harness
  • docking system that interfaces with most types of packs and allows for a natural hang without twisting
  • concealed pistol panel, main compartment, front compartment
  • main compartment and front compartment each have 2 slot pockets and 2 matching dummy cord loops
  • color matched #8 zippers sewn inside out for abrasion resistance. #8 zippers are stronger than #10 according to YKK.
  • closed cell foam insert with cutouts next to the body for comfort and structure without too much heat build up
  • empty weight 1 pound
  • smooth pistol compartment for easy access and quick draw
  • Elastic strap keepers (you asked for them, we added them)

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