RASFIX IV Scope Riser Mount / Quick Aiming Device - MADBULL


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The RAS rail system on the real firearms is fixed on by the gas tube. Hoever, Airsoft AEGs don't have gas tubes to connect both RAS and upper receiver. Madbull / MAX Tactical's RASFIX line of products mount onto both the upper receiver and RAS, thus making the RAS and upper receiver connect tightly. It can also be used as a scope riser mount. Our Gemtech TALON and Noveske Rail systems may need this item.


  • Quick aiming design when your optics fail--works like front and rear sights!
  • Built using aircraft-grade aluminum CNC process
  • Matte black anodized
  • Bridges gap between upper receiver and RAS

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Ulteriori informazioni

Manufacturer MADBULL

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