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€ 33,99

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The PTS SAPI Dummy Plates is an ideal alternative to your heavier and harder standard dummy plate. Designed solely for Airsoft and Milsim purposes, the plate has been carefully constructed to ensure flexibility and lightness - enabling you to perform any actions or manoeuvers with ease and fleet of foot. Perfect for use in Airsoft and Milsim where mobility will play an important role. Intentionally curved in shape, the plate will wrap around the body providing comfort for the user. The materials have been tested to be abrasion resistant and will not lose any color from washing or drying. There is also elasticity in these materials, allowing it to return to its original form from any force applied.

Color – Black 
Material – Nylon (outside), Foam (inside) 
Dimension – (Medium) 310 x 240 x 25mm (approx.) & (Large) 330 x 250 x 25mm (approx.) 
Weight – 160g (whole set approx.) & 165g (whole set approx.) 
Size – Small, Medium & Large

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