Strike Industries M4 Enhanced Pistol Grip - MADBULL


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€ 32,99

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Licensed by Strike Industries, Madbull Airsoft is proud to bring you this exciting new grip to the M4 platform. The M4EPG is an upgrade for the M4-pattern pistol grip. The aggressive texture is designed for positive weapon control, improving ergonomics and increasing performance. The M4EPG is constructed from reinforced polymer and features a hollow core for Long type AEG motor.

Package include:
1 X SI M4 Enhanced Pistol Grip for AEG
1 X End Cap
1 X Mounting Hardware

Light weight reinforced polymer construction
Aggressive SI grip pattern
Ergonomic design

G&P: good fit
G&G: good fit
KWA: the screw can’t lock in to the grip
Bolt: good fit
APEX R5: motor placement can’t match with the grip
KRYTAC: good fit
ICS: the body can’t fit the grip

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Ulteriori informazioni

Manufacturer MADBULL

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