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One year, yes.
We developed this product for 1 year already.
The designer is the same designer of UAV. A twelve scientists team from Taiwan college.
The MadBull tracer is totally different from other tracers in the market.
It is designed from scratch.

Our first design was using LED as the light source but we found out LEDï¾’s power is far less than flash.
Especially when BB travel through the short distance tunnel, there is not much energy transfer to the tracer BB.

The final version is using flash light which is the same idea as Japan made one about 15 years ago.
However, we are applying new modern technology, such as モenergy savingヤ, モlight up more BB per secondヤ, モUSB chargerヤ and of course, Gemtech licensing.

Enjoy MadBull new tracer unit! Remember to use MadBull tracer BBs! (Green and Red tracer BBs)

  • Best performance and the most powerful tracer in the market
  • Designed by UAV designer
  • Original new design from scratch
  • Max. light up 35 BB/ SEC
  • Low power consumption
  • モUSBï¾” charger
  • 14mm CCW
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