Green Gas 600ml - AIRSOFT SURGEON

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Designed by professional players for the ultimate shooting experience, RWA Green Gas is specifically engineered to counter the negative effects of "cool down". A Unique formula delivers greater power and higher sustained performance in rapid fire mode than any other brand available today. The difference is quite noticeable when you shoot with this gas versus other brands! You can see and feel the difference! Special silicone formula also keeps your internal parts lubricated and clean for maximum smoothness and minimal power loss.

Propane Density and Pressure:

  • 20℃  0.50   25℃  10.5 kg / cm2 (=149 psi)
  • 30℃  0.49   30℃  11.0 kg / cm2 (=156 psi)
  • 50℃  0.48   35℃  12.0 kg / cm2 (=171 psi)
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Product Name Green Gas 600ml - AIRSOFT SURGEON