Chameleon Easter Operator Patch - HELIKON-TEX

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Special edition of our chameleon patch, made especially for Easter. The Chameleon is in white color, with bunny tail, as well as bunny ears attached to his bump helmet. He has a Matilda back pack with AR-15 carbine attached to it. He carries a Glock pistol and a basket with easter eggs in his front paws. In his back paws he has a paint brush that hes using for painting another easter egg.

Made of durable PVC
Hook velcro on back allows attaching the patch to clothing, packs or bags
Weight [g] 20
Dimensions 95 x 75 mm/ 3.74 x 2.95 in
Material 100% PVC

More Information
Product Name Chameleon Easter Operator Patch - HELIKON-TEX
Manufacturer HELIKON