CNC Precision Adjustable Hop Up Set for Systema PTW Series - RWA

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The RWA PTW Adjustable Hop-Up takes tried and true hop-up design concepts and applies them to the PTW system with precision engineering. The Computer Numerical Control (CNC) manufacture process is held to such stringent and exact quality standards that you can even hear a vacuum Pop as you remove the hop-up from the outer barrel, attesting to the exact measurements of this unit and the perfect air-seal it provides. The air-seal is important to prevent turbulence of the air pushing the BB down the barrel and maintain not just the power of the shot, but the stability of the hop-up and therefore the accuracy as well.

Other features that the Hop-up unit integrates in its design include an externally accessible dial adjustment wheel for easy, tool-less adjustment and hop-up stability against the vibrations of the gearbox, and a dual point-of-contact nub for exact orientation and even pressure of the hop-up applied to the BB, ensuring straight and stable backspin. 

  • Precision CNC machined for best fit
  • Minimum dimensional tolerances assures a perfect air-seal
  • Perfect air-seal ensures accuracy as BB stability is improved
  • Adjustable without tools
  • Easily and externally adjustable with the magazine still in the PTW
  • Dial adjustment design ensures that adjustment holds well against gearbox vibrations
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    Product Name CNC Precision Adjustable Hop Up Set for Systema PTW Series - RWA
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