Cylinder heads GREEN pad 10/20bbs - TOPMAX

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GREEN PAD for cylinder heads – TMPADGREEN
Interchangeable rubber PAD with 5 degrees of hardness to fit diversified springs and R.O.Fs.. The GREEN PAD is recommended for R.O.Fs. from 10 to 20 bb/s and/or springs from 85 to 95 m/s.

The rubber which the PAD is made from, promotes the absorption of shock and vibrations due to the impact of the piston, the thickness of the PAD is designed to ensure a perfect A.O.E. (Angle Of Engagement) of the piston on the sector gear, and therefore avoid the use of thicknesses under the piston head (saving weight and reducing beating mass), the diameter of the PAD assists the air sealing on the cylinder, the innovative shape of the PAD together with the cone made on the cylinder head body, optimally conveys the air inside the elongated spout of the cylinder head, ensuring a faster and more precise air flow output.

The stress-test carried out on the GREEN PAD have been performed with springs and R.O.Fs. higher than recommended ones, so the product will ensure reliability, resistance, durability and very high perfomance even with slightly more pushed configurations than recommended. The TopMax PAD can be used as a replacement PAD on most of the cylinder heads on the market from other manufacturers with a bit of modifications. To mount the PAD we recommend to have a look at the assembly tutorial at the link, and using Loctite SuperAttak Gel or similar to do it.

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Product Name Cylinder heads GREEN pad 10/20bbs - TOPMAX
Manufacturer TOPMAX