Delrin Power Adjuster 1.50mm thicknesses - TOPMAX

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DELRIN 1.50mm thicknesses – DLRN15
CNC DELRIN thicknesses made to manage the spring energy without having to replace it with a harder one. The bundle consists of 4 thicknesses of 1.50mm, with different surface hardness. These thicknesses must be inserted on the spring guide to manage the energy expressed by the spring used in the configuration, without having to replace it.

The bundle consists of 2 thicknesses in black DELRIN (medium hardness - 150br.c) and 2 thicknesses in white DELRIN (high hardness - 170br.c). In addition to managing the spring energy, the installation of these thicknesses helps mitigate the shocks and vibrations that are generated during the firing cycle due to the impact of the piston on the cylinder head, as well as eliminating the metallic noise that comes from the classic axial bearings.
TopMax Elaborazioni is not held to be responsible for this misuse and/or incorrect assembly, resulting in damage and/or break and/or malfunctions in replicas.

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Product Name Delrin Power Adjuster 1.50mm thicknesses - TOPMAX