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ERGAL CNC cylinder head bundle with 5 PADs – TCMMV2RP5
CNC ERGAL cylinder head with anti-vibrations design, air sealing on the cylinder provided by a QUAD-RING, elongated spout for perfect air sealing and interchangeable rubber PAD with 5 degrees of hardness to adapt to diversified springs and R.O.Fs..

Specific for V2 reinforced G&G and ICS GearBoxes.
The rubber PADs on all TopMax cylinder heads are interchangeable, and depending on the color they are recommended for different springs and R.O.Fs.. In this bundle with the cylinder head there are the 3 types of PADs, to manage the configuration with R.O.Fs. from 10 to 40bb/s and/or springs from 85 to 150m/s (also tested with D.S.G. configuration). The rubber which the PAD is made from, promotes the absorption of shock and vibrations due to the impac. The rubber with which the PAD is made from, promotes the absorption of shock and vibrations due to the impact of the piston, the thickness of the PAD is designed to ensure a perfect A.O.E. (Angle Of Engagement) of the piston on the sector gear, and therefore avoid the use of shims under the piston head (saving weinght and beating mass), the diameter of the PAD assists the air sealing on the cylinder, the innovative shape of the PAD combined with the cone made on the cylinder head body, optimally conveys the air inside the elongated spout of the cylinder head, ensuring a faster and more precise air flow output.

The size and position of the housing holes ensure perfect adherence of the front stop of the cylinder head, made of rubber, on the plates of the GearBox. The millings on the upper part of the body of the cylinder head reduce and mitigate the vibrations made from the impact of the piston and ensure the drastic reduction/elimination of the risk of head breaks of the GearBox plates. The spout of the cylinder head has an external diameter of 4,70mm, its rounded at the top for free sliding of the nozzle and its slightly longer than other products on the market to help the nozzle to slide as linearly as possible inside the T-HopUp chamber. The TopMax cylinder head is compatible with both V2s (such as M4, MP5, G3, Minimi), and V3s GearBoxes (AK and similar). To obtain the maximum performance in smoothness, we recommend coupling our cylinder head with TopMax nozzle. To mount the PAD we recommend to have a look at the assembly tutorial at the link, and using Loctite SuperAttak Gel or similar to do it.

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Product Name ERGAL CNC cylinder head Combo 5 pads - TOPMAX
Manufacturer TOPMAX