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ERGAL ORANGE cylinder C-39.50mm – TMCL395A
Born from the collaboration between TopMax Elaborazioni and the Merlino Custom Lab (for dimensional specifications and designs), the UNITUS Department DEIM Engineering and the UNITUS RACING TEAM (for the study of air volumes and moving masses), the cylinders of the TopMax Elaborazioni are Made in Italy and have been studied considering the run of the sector gear at 16 teeth.
The ERGAL 7075 cylinder line of the TopMax Elaborazioni is entirely made from full bars CNC processed, and this allows you to better manage the dilation/shrinking phases (due to overheating by rubbing the O-RING on the walls of the cylinder itself) of the finished product when working in contact with the O-RING during the shooting cycles. The ERGAL's dilation/shrinking memory effect allows the O-RING of the piston head to work on effortlessly unnecessary even at high R.O.Fs., returning greater reliability and consistency even in shooting.

Technical specifications of the cylinder C-39.50mm with 3 holes:

Cylinder length – 72.20mm,
Outer diameter of the cylinder – 25.50mm,
Internal diameter of the cylinder – 23.85mm.

ANODIZING and BRIGHTENING internal finishing, are made to ensure the decrease in friction between the contact surfaces, increased smoothness and resistance to rubbing of the O-RING during use. The TopMax Elaborazioni cylinders are compatible with the majority of GearBoxs on the market. The TopMax Elaborazioni recommends the use of the ORANGE C-39.50mm cylinder in combination with inner barrel between 151.00mm and 200.00mm in length.
The installation of the cylinders is simple, but pay attention in case of configurations that don’t involve sector gear with 16 teeth (varying the air volumes inside the cylinder will be necessary to use more or less powerful springs). TopMax Elaborazioni is not held responsible for any improper use and/or improper assembly, resulting in damage and/or ruptures and/or replica malfunctions.

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Product Name Ergal ORANGE cylinder for 151/200mm inner barrel - TOPMAX
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