G-C4 Polycarbonate Eye Protection Glasses - GUARDER

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Highly Durable & Flexible Protective Shooting Glasses
UV Protective Lenes

Full package comes complete with:
1. Soft padded belt mounted carrying case that can store everything inside
2. Four different colored tinted lens that interchangeable
3. Durable plastic adjustable frame
4. Wiping cloth that can store the glasses
5. Prescription lens insert frame that allow you to use corrective lenes

Tinted Lenes Specification:
  • Neutral Gray: Provide true color definition. Ideal for everyday, all purpose wear
  • Blue: 9% Transmission, Neutral Transmission. For extreme bright light usage
  • Clear MLC: Clear lenes with special multi-layer coating. Enhances visual acuity during low light condition
  • Cadmium Yellow: High contrast yellow lenes. Ideal for very low light condition
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