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The Garmin Foretrex Protective Shell is the core of the Reconnaissance Cover system for the most used wrist GPS of the world. Lightweight and protective, it provides a great enhancement to the Garmin Foretrex.

The Garmin Foretrex is the most widely used wrist GPS in military operations. Thanks to its small size, light weight and specific functions like the Jumpmaster, the ballistic calculator Applied Ballistics and the compatibility with night vision devices, it has been guiding the special forces missions all over the world for years now.
It is however known that the weak point of the basic kit sold by Garmin has always been the strap, which is basic and not adaptable to the needs of those who operate in the field. To solve this problem, and to enhance the potential of this wonderful instrument, we decided to give free rein to creativity and to design the dedicated modular system Garmin Foretrex Reconnaissance Cover.

Then, we give to the operator the chance to buy the Protective shell separately.

The kit consists of 3 pieces:

• Protective shell
• 40 cm of One-Wrap® tape in Coyote 498 color
• 40 cm of One-Wrap® tape in Black color

The protective shell was designed to fit like a glove on the body of the GPS. The PVC window protects the screen from scratches, dirt and debris, while the HANK composite fabric provides protection against abrasions, cuts, chemical agents and live flames thanks to the FR property of this material. The VELCRO Brand® One-Wrap® fastener allows the shell to be attached to any velcro loop surface (Eg. the inner panels of the Modular Reconnaissance Task Bag) without needing any additional accessories. The button texts have been reported on the shell by laser engraving.

The 40 cm One-Wrap® tapes complete the kit, providing an alternative fixing method to the wrist strap. It can be used to attach the Foretrex to the rifle buttstock, or it can be cut to size to fix it to a D-ring, a MOLLE loop or to a shoulder strap of a backpack. Supplied in both Coyote 498 and Black colors, it can be used on every type of equipment providing a color match.

Well, after seeing this, will you really leave your Foretrex without a cover? We don’t think so.

Our attention to detail, combined with personalized design, offer a unique product that reflects our commitment to “state of the art” military equipment.

Weight: 15 g
Dimensions: 8 x 4 x 2 cm

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