Griffin QD Blast Shield - PTS

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QPQ finish
Fluted to reduce weight
Fast, positive, wear free QD mechanism
Included shim set and over-travel stop washer to refit your A2 for optimal use
Weight: 153g
Dimensions: 57 x 40 x 38mm (approx.)
Material: 6061 T6 Aluminum
Compatibility: Griffin QD Silencer mounts / A2 Compensator

The QD Blast Shield is designed to offer significant concussion reduction for the rifleman and nearby team members in a CQB environment by directing concussive force of rifle gunfire forward instead of to the sides. It is especially effective on short barrel rifles or any rifle with a muzzle brake/compensator device.

It is designed with a fluted geometry within the triangular shaped shield that lightens the unit while providing internal front supports for the muzzle device.

The QD mechanism is the same as that on the PTS Griffin Armament M4SDII QD mock suppressor - it is fast, positive, and with free of wear prone geometry commonly found in ratcheting devices.
The Griffin QD Blast Shield is compatible with our line of QD muzzle devices, Including the M4SDII Flash Comp, M4SDII Muzzle Brake, M4SDII Flash Hider, and the M4SDII Tactical Compensator. It is also compatible with A2 Flash hiders.

NOTE : Although many companies manufacture A2 flash hiders, not all of them are dimensioned properly so compatibility is not guaranteed with third party flash hiders.


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