Operator Series Throat Multi Field - DEVGRU

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  • 'OPERATOR', the Throat Mic System of DEVGRU Communications, is designed for operators in tough operational environment such as Military, Law Enforcement, and HAZMAT. Instead of Boom microphone which tend to collect noise, our throat microphone system promises clear voice-transmission and effective noise-canceling by collecting the voice directly from the operator's throat. This way, the operator can transmit a whisper with great clarity without any interference from noise when shooting, driving or fire-fighting.
  • 'OPERATOR' also features low-profile design that allow the operator to deploy gas-mask and helmet. 'OPERATOR' has ambidextrous design that makes the system left- or right-oriented. 'OPERATOR' also features Mil-spec Push-To-Talk switch of which the size is optimal to push for the tactical operation. The ear-piece of 'OPERATOR' boast ergonomic design that keep your ear sound and clean. But the most important thing is our modular cable system compatible with almost all the existing radio cables.
  • By purchasing one headset, you can operate in various radios with our optional cable adapters(sold separately).
  • 'OPERATOR' is for the quiet professionals who dare their lives in tough scenes of Military, Law Enforcement and Fire-Fighting.
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    Product Name Operator Series Throat Multi Field - DEVGRU
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