Super Recoil Spring - POSEIDON

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There are Sleeve, Super Spring and Washer in this product ! It provides a lots of combinations for many brands and different type of GBB rifles. After you install PI-013 Super Recoil Spring, bolt’s lock and recoil’s smooth both will increase. You can feel recoil point more clearly and sound of bolt hit the hop up bucking become crisp when you are shooting. Moreover, you will enjoy stable joules! Advise everyone use PI-013 Super Recoil Spring with PI-001 Ice Pick, PI-002 Turbo Valve and PI-012 ZERO series to create a GBB system with well gasification, anti ice, save gas, increase pressure instead of flow, recoil point clearly performances. Enjoy ideal GBB rifle with POSEIDON System.

This product point to WE-Tech MP5,G36,SCAR-L,ACR,MP7,SVD and GHK AK series. Welcome everyone buy it and try it on other brand’s rifles with propensity to experiment.

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Product Name Super Recoil Spring - POSEIDON
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