VFC Steel Lightweight Bolt Carrier for VFC AR V2/V3 Silver & Alpha1+ Set - POSEIDON

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Want to have the durability of the LAL lightweight steel bolt and the anti-icer effect of the ALPHA 01+ rifle anti-icer nozzle, but don’t want to go through the complicated assembly and disassembly process?

ALPHA1+ Anti-icer Nozzle Kit
Overall nylon and fiber reinforced material
Brand new design of the position of entering BBs, darts and pistons, showing the design concept of Poseidon GBB antifreeze.
Implanted Poseidon patent ice pick, ice-breaker , powerful springs, let GBB rifle shooting stability.
Adjustable design, the initial speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the way of adjustment is simplified. The initial speed adjustment ratio is nearly 60% (Valve unlocking and blocking status)
With the VFC VMAG high-performance magazine, it will have better anti-freeze performance! Your GBB rifle will also operate normally at low temperatures and low pressures.
Combined with the above advantages, players who use Poseidon or VFC GBB can enjoy a more realistic and smooth shooting experience when they playing.
VFC Steel Lightweight Bolt Carrier
POSEIDON sub-brand LAL designed Lightweight steel Bolt Carrier for VFC AR system.
Use S45c medium carbon steel, improve the locking part. Moreover, we reduce the weight to decrease excess-gas. Process not only including accurate CNC Tec, radio frequency heating and heat treatment to enhance both hardness and dependable,
but also grid the all surface! Coating part, we basically use Phosphate film, electroplating, what is more, high quality Tec. CERAKOTE for real weapon is apply too! CERAKOTE can increasing surface hardness and smooth together to avoid abrasion!
In conclusion, this product must be the fantastic art for VFC AR GBBs’stan!
Lighter than stock one
Increasing RPM value
CERAKOTE brings wear resistant and smooth
Increasing gasification effective in Full-Auto
Lightweight increase life-time and reduce abrasion
For VFC M4 GBB V2/V3 system
Color:CERAKOTE Blue H-171 / CERAKOTE Red H-216 / CERAKOTE Yellow H-144 / CERAKOTE Bronze H-149 / CERAKOTE Fog silver H-158 / Bright silver / Black

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Product Name VFC Steel Lightweight Bolt Carrier for VFC AR V2/V3 Silver & Alpha1+ Set - POSEIDON